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Animals That Make Us Feel Better About Getting Older

10/14/2014 at 11:09 | Posted by by Brenda Matthews
Credit: Brenda Matthews

Brenda here!

We humans may fight age with exercise, creams, injections, and other potions. We lie about our age, like we lie about our shoe size.

Animals?  If they’re aware of age, they seem to embrace it.  Especially these 15.

Bulldogs and Shar-pei’s proudly show off their wrinkles.  Contented cats get happily fat and roly-poly and can’t fully make it through the kitty-door anymore.  That’s ok…there’s a litter box somewhere inside, and a sunny spot in a window.

What else can we learn from animals?  Enjoy what you have at this moment – with animals, there’s very little ‘delayed gratification.’  Ever see a dog with a bone?  It’s worked until it’s ..well..gone.  Treats are inhaledgone in a heartbeat!

Work what you have.  Life’s too short.  Roll on your back, stretch your legs, and take a nice, long nap.  Maybe someone will reach down and scratch your belly.  Ahhhh…..


Here they are, via the Huffington Post.  The 15 Animals That Make Us Feel Good About Getting Older:


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