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The Funniest Animal Photo Bombs EVER!

10/30/2014 at 10:42 | Posted by by Brenda Matthews

Brenda here!  I’ve always said ‘need some laughs?  Hang with an animal for a little while!’  They’re just a hoot!

My Meka’s an 11 year-old Australian Shepherd, (below):


(Brenda's Meka(

(Brenda’s Meka)


…she’s still silly.  She has the somewhat-typical Aussie blue and brown eye, a fully speckled face, and every once in a while, she’ll lay ‘pupside down,’ with her head hanging over the end of the sofa and tongue hanging out the side of her upside down spotted face – priceless!

The subject matter, today, though, is the animals that steal the thunder of others – other animals – and people!



These photobombs are the best!!!!

Blase’ cats, funny cows, ‘smiling’ horses – oh my!!



If you can’t chuckled at #9, there’s seriously something impairing your funny bone!


Check ’em out – click here!



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