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10 Things Only Cat People Can Understand

12/03/2014 at 9:23 | Posted by by Lauren Levine
Credit: Laura Kelley

When you’re utterly obsessed with your cat, you see the world just a little bit differently. And that’s okay. If you’re a true feline fanatic, you know that the following statements are true:

1. Not only is the “cat lady” stereotype completely wrong, it’s also offensive. You can love your cat, but also dress normally and socialize.
2. Your cat is another family member. This means they get included in family portraits, Christmas cards, and other family matters.
3. It’s not weird to have a birthday party for your cat. Hey, you celebrate milestones for other family members.
4. Your cat deserves all of the toys, clothing, and accessories that your kids or dogs get. They can rock a sweater like nobody’s business.
5. Your cat probably knows more of your secrets than your significant other or best friends.
6. When people say they don’t like cats, you just stare blankly. Excuse me?
7. Your cat often sleeps on your chest or head, and you’re okay with this.
8. Your cat may or may not have a middle name.
9. If you bring a new love interest into your life and your cat doesn’t warm up to them quickly, you become suspicious.
10. When a cat appears in a TV show, you hope that yours sees it and feels a sense of companionship so that he or she isn’t lonely.

Are you a cat person? Are there other cat lover traits that you know are true?

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