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Monday’s Viral Video: Dusty The Klepto Cat

01/26/2015 at 10:42 | Posted by Brenda Matthews
By Takashi Hososhima via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve all head stories, or even have had run-ins with our animals and other ‘stealing’ things.  Heck, my Greyhound, Hannah, used to gather shoes and socks, make a ‘nest’ out of them, and sit amidst her finds like a queen hording her jewels.

We’ve also all had puppies run joyously through the house with a new found sock playing keep-away.

At my drive-through ‘party store’ in Michigan, the daytime workers had constant issues with one neighborhood squirrel who would steal the small snack packs of potato chips – one by one.

Dusty the cat of San Mateo, CA is a totally non-discriminating cat burglar.  The neighbors know if there’s something missing to knock on his ‘folks’ door to retrieve the stolen ‘booty’.  Seems Dusty will carry – or drag – home anything – towels, gloves, shoes (one by one), socks, sponges, kids toys – and he’s especially fond of bathing suits!

The Animal Planet heard of this klepto-kitty and offered to set up a camera to record his nightly escapades!

Watch it here:

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