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Tom Hanks & James Corden Reenact Every Tom Hanks Film

03/24/2015 at 4:10 | Posted by Brandon Chase
Tom Hanks

This is quite possibly the greatest 7 minute video clip you’ll ever watch. Now, I’m extremely partial because in our household Tom Hanks is the best person and actor ever to grace this planet.

I mean seriously, how can you not love Tom Hanks? He’s just the coolest person ever! Gosh… he’s awesome.

Anyway, even if you’re one of the strange ones who doesn’t find Tom Hanks to be the coolest person in the world, you’ll still enjoy this clip.

James Corden is the new host of “The Late Late Show” that premiered on CBS last night (3/23) and Hanks was one of the first guests. The two of them reenacted snippets of every movie Tom Hanks has starred in and it really is fantastic!

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