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Showing Greek Colors For Charlotte Teen

02/01/2016 at 8:56 | Posted by hogaz
Showing my Colors for The Nesbitt Family
Photo Credit: Kate Hall

Hey, Kate here…

Little did I realize that while I was pledging the Sorority of Alpha Sigma Chi in the Fall of 1986, that the ‘unity’ and ‘oneness’ that was being instilled in me and my Pledge Sisters on those long walks to our Sorority House, together, in the cold, and sometimes rain, would come to humble me some near 30 years later.  To be Greek during my years on the Campus of SUNY Oswego in Upstate New York, meant to be part of a Community unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.  The unity held true not only within my particular Sorority, but among all of us Greeks collectively.  I have been witness to that more than once during times of unthinkable loss to our Greek community over the years(PanAM 103 and 9/11 specifically), and once again, my fellow Brothers & Sisters from Oswego have rallied in support of our newest Little Sister, a Charlotte area Teen, Julia Nesbitt, and her family.

Julia lost her battle with Cancer last week, and it was her wish that she could be a member of every Sorority and Fraternity on the Oswego campus.  And she is.  Now, thousands of men and women across the country call her Little Sister as she had been made a member of each and every one.  The Brothers of Sigma Tau Chi, who bestow the honor of White Rose Queen to a fellow Sister each year, even named Julia their eternal White Rose Princess.   This past weekend, in honor of their Little Sister Julia…hundreds of Greeks from SUNY Oswego, past and present wore their Colors for Julia and posted them on our Greek Alumni Facebook page.

And tonight, so do I.

Julia’s Mother Kathy is a Sister in Alpha Delta Eta, and while I did not know her during my time in college, many of my Greek friends did.  She and her family live here in Charlotte now, and chances are you may know them.  So, you see, while I had no idea that the countless hours spent together with a dozen other girls, for several weeks during October and November 1986, would be preparing me for something bigger than ourselves, I do now, once again.  #teamjulia

With Love in AEX,


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