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Fixer Upper On HGTV: 32 Questions We All Have:

02/02/2016 at 11:42 | Posted by Brenda Matthews
Photo Credit: By Clever Cupcakes via Wikimedia Commons

One word.  Shiplap. Remember that.

Ok – they’re about the most-watched couple on TV.  Certainly on HGTV (not a Property Brothers fan here – can’t get by the silly promos and the too-white teeth! = meow!!!!) 

For the unfamiliar (really???):

Ha!  I’m talking about Chip and Joanna (JoJo) Gaines.  They’re the ‘hosts’ of hit TV show ‘Fixer Upper,’ Tuesday nights (tonight!!!) on HGTV. He, a goofball contractor GC in Waco, Texas, and she, his wife and a natural-born decorator/designer with a definite neutral ‘farm-house style.’  Between them, they live on a farm, with tons of animals and parent 4 adorable ‘kiddos.’



The show premise is that the Gaines’ take a couple house hunting in the surrounding Waco area, and pick out three houses to tour.  Each has it’s issues – needing various restructuring and updates to bring it into the new millennium.  Once the house is chosen, the fun begins!  Demo – kicking and karate punching out walls, and whaaaa-laaa – within 60 minutes, it goes from a raw ‘fixer upper,’ (hence the name of the show), to an incredibly stylish home that each family LOVES!!!

For those of us do watch, though, we do have our questions.  None more than my builder-husband Kenny who lives in the same world daily.  I have to remind him, that we live in Charlotte, not Waco, and that so much of what’s done has to be shown in just :60 minutes..and it’s entertainment – so don’t take it all so literally!

Anyway, has put together a cute list of 32 things that we ask ourselves when we watch the show.  Kenny and me, and Brandon and his wife Lauren, included.


  • And how far in advance do Chip and Joanna see these houses? They come up with an entire plan PRETTY QUICKLY.
  • What happens to the other rooms in the house that they don’t show?
  • Are there any apartment buildings in this city or does everyone live in a house with like 5 acres of land?
  • How in the world are there homes this big that cost under $100,000?
  • How do these home buyers always manage to come up with extra room in their budget when problems arise?
  • Do they ever fix up homes in a different style?
  • Does every home in Texas have shiplap just waiting underneath the drywall?
  • Wait…do they get to keep this furniture?
  • Does Joanna just stage these homes and then move it all out when the cameras leave?

And lastly:



Ha!  Join us tonight – we’ll be watching on HGTV! 

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