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You Can Rent These ‘Fixer Upper’ Homes!

03/03/2016 at 11:42 | Posted by Brenda Matthews

We’re big ‘Fixer Upper’ fans at my house.  My husband is a builder, and I’m a ‘nester,’ so this TV show is right up our alley.  Granted, Kenny will watch the show and give his two-cents about how much work Chip and Joanna can do for $80,000.  And me?  As a big re-purposer, I wish that all of the cabinets that are torn out of every kitchen renovation would be picked up (on camera) by a Habitat For Humanity ReStore truck!  (What a great inspiration it would be for all viewers to ‘think green!’)

For fans like us, instead of owning one of these houses, we can visit!

But note, “the Gaines’ new B&B Magnolia House is already completely booked for 2016, so act fast!” reports, “Not one but two houses that the couple renovated on their HGTV show are now available to rent for your next vacation. ”


By Vermont Timber Works - via Wikimedia Commons

By Vermont Timber Works – via Wikimedia Commons

They’re being rented by their former clients that purchased the properties, and if you check out the pics, they’ve put their own stamp – and some of their own decor – in these homes.

The Gaineses dubbed this first home “The Gorman Story” in the show’s very first episode. It sleeps up to 12 guests for $390 a night.  It’s available through

Another property is from a more recent episode – Season 2.  It’s the mid-century modern that : “Joanna called it her favorite fixer upper of all time for challenging her to take on a new design style.  It “sleeps up to 6 guests for $383 a night.” It’s also available through



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