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The Things You’ll Definitely Experience If You Work In An Office

03/28/2016 at 8:56 | Lauren Levine //Freelance Writer

The modern American office creates a unique culture, often reflected in movies, TV shows, and books. Interestingly enough, the office environment seems to be a unifying factor for all people who spend their days in such a place. Regardless of the kind of work you do, there are a number of situations you’re almost guaranteed to experience when you show up to your place of business daily. The experiences you’ll encounter in virtually every office in the country includes:

When someone brings in baked goods, the whole mood of the office changes

Donuts? Wait, there are donuts in the office? Right now? YESSS! Step aside, step aside.

There’s always some sort of competition going on

A weight loss challenge. A sugar-free challenge. A guacamole contest. A brownie bake off. A March Madness pool. When you work in an office, you’re going to engage in friendly competition a lot.

You wish the “reply all” feature was a privilege and not a right

You return back to your desk and see that you have 35 new e-mails. You wonder what kind of client emergency you missed during the three minutes you were in the bathroom, and then you realize that it’s just a non-stop chain where everyone in your office feels compelled to hit “reply all” as they fire off a “witty” response to the first message in the thread. You delete all of the messages without reading them and go on with your day. You regret the minutes you spent totally panicked as you imagined your client calling to scream at you.

You will e-mail people who are working 10 feet away from you

Hypothetically you could get up and go talk to them, but that seems to be a lot of effort and you’re very comfortable.

There’s always that one new guy whose name you don’t know

Actually, he’s been here three months now, so he’s not technically that new anymore. Greg? Is that his name? Grant? No one seems to know.

Someone’s child is always selling something and you want to buy all of it

Popcorn. Girl Scout cookies. Wrapping paper. Sure, why not?

You can always count on finding a passive aggressive note taped up in the cafeteria

“To the person who forgot how to wash dishes: your mother does not work here. Please clean up after yourself.”

Arguments erupt over seemingly small issues

Parking spots. Coffee mugs. Staplers. These issues may seem small in real life, but in the office they can cause an all-out war.

Free lunches are an incredible morale booster

It doesn’t matter whether it’s mediocre pizza from that place down the street, the whole office unites together in a state of total euphoria when the food is brought in.

Someone is always trying to pass blame about the broken copier and/or fax machine

It was totally Mike from Accounting. No, Jim from Sales was all over that. No way, Debbie used it last.

What do you experience working in your office? Share with us in the comments!

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