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Things To Get Before Your Next Power Outage

07/13/2016 at 12:01 | Posted by Phil Harris
(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

It has been a wild weather week in Charlotte with heavy rain, high winds, and damaging lightning. At my house in the Country Club Heights neighborhood, we experienced three significant power outages between Friday night and Tuesday afternoon. And while it certainly wasn’t devastating like it could have been after a big hurricane, it was inconvenient to have normal life interrupted.

After every severe weather event, Sara and I make a list of items we wish we had in the house. Somehow, we’re always missing at least one thing. So, before the next earth-rattling thunderstorm (or city-crippling ice storm this winter), we’re going to make sure we replenish our stock of these essentials:

  • Flashlights/Lanterns/Candles. Because dressing in the dark is a gamble.
  • Batteries. Lots of batteries. You might also need them for your alarm clock.
  • Battery-Powered Fans. As long as you bought all those batteries…
  • Backup Cellphone Charger. No reason to live like an animal.
  • Grill. With the right accessories, it’s amazing how much you can actually cook in your carport.
  • Propane/Charcoal. See above.
  • Matches/Lighter. Again…
(Photo: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
  • Coolers. I hear Yeti makes good ones. Buy some ice and save your groceries.
  • Bottled Water. Your refrigerator’s water dispenser won’t work without electricity.
  • Non-Perishable Food. You should have some anyway.
  • Clothesline. Why does lightning always strike in the middle of a laundry cycle?
  • Handsaw/Chainsaw. You may have to cut up some fallen tree limbs yourself.
  • Generator. Useful if your home is highly susceptible to power outages or you live in a less-densely populated area where it takes power crews longer to reach you.
  • Deck of Cards/Board Games. Just in case you run out of conversation.
  • Portable Radio. Of course!
(Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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