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How To Create A Magical Christmas With No Money

11/22/2016 at 10:42 | Posted by Brenda Matthews

Been there – done that! When I first started my radio career a long time ago in Northern Michigan, I was making minimum wage. I had very little money, so I decided to bake Christmas!


We all know that the best gifts come from the heart, and from our hands. has ideas for you, if you’re on an extreme budget, or if you’d just like to keep things very simple at your house.


Lindsay Butler’s ideas are also simple, even ingenious:


  • Wrap every gift – it makes every one, even if there are just one – or a couple – even more special. Wrap those small things in each stocking, too!
  • Depending on age, of course – you can re-gift! Did your little ones forget about a present last year? Throw one aside and not give it a second thought? Maybe they’re old enough to appreciate it this year – go ahead – re-wrap it!
  • Stock up on clearance items (or even browse the sample-sizes in that special aisle – we all can use an extra purse-size hair spray!)
  • Decorate the table festively. It makes everything more ‘fancy’ and special. Make name cards out of paper and candy canes, put sprigs of holly or fir around your dinner plates and platters.
  • Make your own cookies to give, like I did, or if you’re able, make homemade pasta, or cookie mixes to go into twine wrapped Mason jars for their cookie baking/merry making!


We have even more ideas!


And remember, it’s the thought that really counts…and the people around the tree!