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Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

11/22/2016 at 10:52 | Posted by Phil Harris
Photo Credit: By Ernst Vikne via Wikimedia Commons

You can’t keep your toddler out of the dog’s food bowl, so why not buy them their own? That’s just one idea for the perfect gifts for toddlers this Christmas. Or how about just a simple cardboard box? After all, how many times have you seen your little one play with the packaging more than the toy that was inside of it?

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This is also a way to save a lot of money this Christmas. Instead of forking over big bucks for toys that they’ll be bored with after a couple of days, you can just swing by the hardware store and pick up most of these things for a few dollars. Most of them will end up in their mouths anyway!


1. A cardboard box

2. A ream of paper

3. An old computer keyboard

4. An unconnected light switch

5. A hairbrush

6. A roll of toilet paper

7. A dog food bowl

8. Keys that no longer open anything important

9. A bundle of sticks

10. Tupperware

(Photo: Mark Larson via Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo: Mark Larson via Wikimedia Commons)