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Brenda’s ‘Salvage Dawgs’ Birthday Trip

01/06/2017 at 11:42 | Posted by Brenda Matthews
Black Dog Salvage: Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews
Photo Credit: Black Dog Salvage: Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews

Yay!  My birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s – December 28th, to be exact.  It’s ok.  Really.

This year, I passed the ‘planning baton’ to my hubby Kenny.  He came up with the perfect trip for me – for both of us – with the time constraints that we had.

Part of the trip centered around a visit to ‘Black Dog Salvage’ in Roanoke, Virginia, about 3 1/2 hours from here.


Black Dog Salvage: Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews

The Yard, Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews


If you watch ‘Salvage Dawgs’ on DIY, you’re instantly fans.  The cast of characters include Robert and Mike, co-owners and old Navy buddies, Mike’s son Tay, Ted and Grayson – who can wield a reciprocating tool with the best of em.  The boys and Grayson dismantle old homes, businesses, hospitals and schools, and bring the salvaged architectural scrap back to their mammoth warehouse/retail business to build something anew.  That’s the part that attracts my hubby and I, as we have a repurposing business, too.

Anyway, we had the pleasure of poking around and reaping inspiration everywhere! We met Grayson who was working the front desk and helping customers, Robert hustled in from the cold, and Sally (the Black Dog), wandered and sat down wherever she felt like it!


Black Dog Salvage: Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews

You may remember this swinging Day Bed from the show (Photo: Ken Gardner)



Not only does ‘BDS’ carry what they’ve reaped from various picking jobs – i.e., doors, tiles, door and window hardware, etc., but original and local artwork, pieces that they’ve produced from scrap and found items, and various antiques.


Black Dog Salvage: Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews

This piece was appropriate, as we were heading up to MD the next day! (Photo courtesy of Brenda Matthews)

While there, I had to buy the official BDS paint!  Here’s a chair that I’ve started to paint in ‘Roanoke Rain.’




Black Dog Salvage is definitely worth the trip!  

If you head up to Roanoke – know that their are wonderful restaurants and places to stay nearby – hit me up if you’d like suggestions!



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