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Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Make It Work On And Off Stage

Do you think you could work with your spouse? I don't mean planting tomatoes on a Saturday. I'm talking about going to the office together every morning and coming home together every night. My wife and I met while working for the same broadcasting company in Austin, but we've never really worked together. I'm sure it would be fine if we did. Right, honey?

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw don't seem to have any problem spending every waking moment together. Married since 1996, Faith and Tim have a new duet called "Speak to a Girl" and are co-headlining their Soul2Soul World Tour 2017 beginning in April. Here are the closest stops:

April 20 - N. Charleston, SC
April 22 - Atlanta, GA
September 15 - Greenville, SC
October 14 - Greensboro, NC