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'Brick Fest Live' Welcomes LEGO Maniacs

Do you remember the TV commercials from the '80s featuring "Zack the LEGO Maniac?" He's probably in his 40s now but Zack might still be obsessed with those building blocks of so many of our childhoods. If you have your own LEGO maniacs at home, you'll have to make plans to be at Brick Fest Live, coming to the Charlotte Convention Center on June 3rd and 4th.

Billed as the largest touring LEGO fan experience, Brick Fest Live promises to inspire, educate, and entertain LEGO-loving families with tens of thousands of square feet of LEGO fun, including jaw-dropping creations from all over the world made entirely of the timeless toy. The event was created in part to encourage science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills in the next generation of artists, engineers, and leaders.

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Brick Fest Live was founded by two guys who call themselves "Dadpreneurs" so, yes, there will be plenty of stuff for sale too. It's the largest LEGO vendor marketplace anywhere and you'll find favorite sets, custom creations, ultra-rare items, and more LEGO-themed merchandise.

Other activities include:

The Brick Show Experience: Meet the popular YouTube LEGO show hosts from The Brick Show and appear in an upcoming video.

Brick Fest Derby: Build and race your custom-built LEGO derby car down a 35-foot long timed tracks.

Collaborative Building Activities: Help build a Guinness World Record-setting mystery floor mosaic.

Inspiration Stations: Add your own custom creations to an existing LEGO city.

Video Game Arena: Have a favorite LEGO video game? Challenge your family or make new friends in the Brick Fest Gaming Arena.

Brick Fest Theater Trivia & Entertainment: Participate in LEGO trivia all while taking a break from what will be an overwhelming amount of awesome.

Mosaics: Use a colorful variety of 1×1 LEGO bricks to build a piece of art that will be displayed for other attendees.

For a schedule of Brick Fest Live sessions, with either regular or VIP admission, and everything else you need to know, CLICK HERE.

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