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Top 10 Reasons We Love Mom

Mother's Day is this Sunday (5/14) so I hope you have big plans to celebrate mom. After all, there are countless reasons to cherish the woman who brought you into the world. How about all of the times she told you that she loved you, even when you weren't so loveable? Here are some more:

Made you feel better when you were under the weather.

One look could save you from heading down the wrong path.

Taught you so many things you really needed to know.

Hugged you when you really needed it.

Eyes in the back of her head that kept you out of trouble.

Rounded up "lost" sports gear before the big game.

Stayed up late to help you with your homework.

Drove you and your friends all over creation.

Always there to listen to your woes.

Your biggest fan, no matter what.

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