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Watch for 'Remembrance Poppies' Along NC Highways:

Those too young may not remember others peddling red poppies at traffic lights to pin on your lapel around Memorial Day.

After WWI, in 1920, the National American Legion adopted the red poppy as their official symbol of remembrance. The Veterans of Foreign Wars  then undertook a national distribution of remembrance poppies before Memorial Day in 1922.

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Now, per a press release from The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, "As part of the World War I Centennial observances in North Carolina, (the NCDNCR) has "partnered to plant poppies along major interstate highways across the state."

They also suggest that when you're driving through our fair state, when you see these plantings, that you pause a moment and remember the soldiers who died in the service of our country.


Here's a video of the poppies I-40W at Exit 290 in Wake County - enjoy!