Must Read: Ariana Grande's Manager Pens Inspiring Message:

On this Memorial Day, the name gives new meaning. Yes, of course, we honor those who gave all in the service to our country. But simply by hearing the word 'memorial,' maybe our thoughts also turn to U.S. pop star Ariana Grande and the young British fans that excitedly went to experience her show last…

Olympic Gymnast Calls Out Body Shamer

Ha!  You go, Aly! Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman  has spoken out about an incident that occurred at the airport recently "when a man made rude comments about her arms," per PerezHilton.com. After a female TSA Agent recognized Aly and paid her a compliment about her biceps, a man replied, "I don't see any muscles.."

Ellen DeGeneres & Netflix Partnering Up For Stand-up Special?

Netflix has been writing some seriously huge checks recently. Just think about the amount of money Netflix is pouring into their stand-up comedy programming alone. Almost every big name out in comedy right now has a Netflix exclusive. It's been reported that they paid Dave Chappelle a cool $60 million for his 3 part stand-up special…