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Bruce Springsteen To Play Broadway!

Yea...this fall! Since he's not the type to do a Vegas residency, he's taking the 'show' to Broadway!  It's true! Bruce will make "...his Broadway debut at the Walter Kerr Theatre for an eight-week run in the fall..." per the NYPost.

Five Roles We'd Love to See Jussie Smollett Take On Next

Happy birthday to Jussie Smollett!  The performer got his start with roles in movies like The Mighty Ducks, but has come into his own on the TV series Empire. We figured Smollett probably has enough money to buy anything he could ever need or want, so instead our birthday gift to him is a few suggestions about roles we'd…

Jimmy Kimmel's "I Love You Dad" YouTube Challenge Is So Great!

Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube challenges never disappoint. His most popular one is his Halloween YouTube Challenge, where he has parents tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. Quite mean yet quite hilarious! His annual Father's Day challenge is quickly becoming one of my favorites though. This year he didn't challenge his views to dump…

Michael Phelps To Race A Shark!?

Olympic legend Michael Phelps will race a great white shark as part of Shark Week on July 23: Whaaaa???? Per BleacherReport.com, "....great whites (sharks) cruise the ocean at approximately 5 mph, but can reach north of 25 mph if they're in attack-mode.Their swimming speed is 10 times faster than the typical human swimmer..."