Human Interest

Mom! He's Touching Me!

When I saw this video this morning, I flashed back to my childhood. Watching these two ats smack each other reminded me of when my younger brother and I would sit in the back seat of the car. We would annoy each other constantly. Remember the whole, "I'm not touching you..." thing? You'd put your…

Bon Jovi And My Babes

This weekend, Bon Jovi is coming to town. I am going with 19 other girls! YES! 19! Saturday night's show will be the ninth time I've seen Bon Jovi. In the 80's, I saw every Bon Jovi tour, including the band's first tour opening for the Scorpions. That was in 1984.   I am beyond lucky…

Your Commute Would Be A Lot Worse In One Of These

The next time you're navigating through an orange barrel obstacle course on I-85, or simply stuck in a standstill on 77, consider your immediate surroundings. Are you sitting on a cushioned seat in a climate-controlled car during your commute? Do you have control of the radio? Can you sing to yourself at the top of…

This Is What Charlotte Looked Like In 1969

It was the year of Woodstock and the moon landing. Charlotte was a very different place in 1969. Uptown, if it was even called that back then, would be unrecognizable to most of us. And there wasn't nearly as much suburban development happening yet. There were a lot more trees around.

BEST Headline Ever!

We have all read stories of people lying to police officers. THIS woman in Florida came up with one of the most ridiculous stories as to why police found cocaine in her purse. If ya are in need of a laugh, read this story. As we say here in the South, BLESS!