A Sexy Abe Lincoln Statue?

Whaaa?  Really? Ole' Abe - sexy? Most of the pictures we've seen of our revered 16th President show him haggard and drawn, from dealing with a country divided and a less-than-peaceful personal life. Many of us have never seen pics of a younger Abe. Before law school, before the Presidency.  Now, the visitors at Chicago's Senn Park…

Join In The Plaza Midwood Art Ride Sunday

You can "get the full experience of a guided museum tour without leaving Plaza Midwood..."  that from CLTure.org! How fun!  It's a group bike ride with stops at "each of the 11 Inside Out Charlotte art installations" in Plaza Midwood on Sunday starting at 1pm at Midwood Park.

Six Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Car

If you've driven your current set of wheels into the ground, or your family has simply outgrown the old sedan and needs more seating and cargo space, there are a few things you should consider before taking your first test drive. Car buyers can improve their chances of finding the right vehicle at a reasonable…