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Enjoy A Car-Free Charlotte During 'Open Streets 704'

Imagine riding your bike or even walking down the middle of a busy Charlotte street without having to worry about any cars or trucks. That's the idea behind the biannual Open Streets 704 and the Spring 2018 edition is happening on Sunday, April 29th, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Charlotte Is A "Sweet Spot City"

What would be the ideal place to live? How about a city where you can make a high salary and enjoy a low cost of living? I call that a "sweet spot city," and Charlotte is one of them. Financial website GOBankingRates looked at the median monthly home rent, groceries, utilities, and transportation expenses in 270 U.S.…

Stuck In A Rut At Work? Switch Desks!

It sounds a little too simple, but the research says it works. If things haven't been going so well at the office and productivity is down, just switch desks. By changing where you sit, you'll not only enjoy some new scenery, but your company could also see big benefits.

Top 10 Cities For Well Paid Women

Have you ever thought that where you live might be keeping you from financial success? There might be something to that idea. We all know about the gender pay gap and how women are making less money than men in corporate America. Even though that’s true, there are some places were women are doing fairly…