Brandon Chase


"Shots Fired" Filmed Around Charlotte Premiers Tonight On Fox

Fox's highly anticipated 10 part series "Shots Fired" premiers tonight at 8pm. If you tune in, chances are you'll notice some of the scenery in the show as it was film all around the Charlotte area. In fact, at the 1:30 mark in the trailer below, that scene was shot in downtown Mooresville. My wife…

James Corden Presents Crosswalk The Musical: Beauty And The Beast

This is absolutely hilarious. With the help of Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, The Late Late Show performed famous scenes from 'Beauty & The Beast" on the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard at CBS. Disney's live action film, 'Beauty & The Beast' starring Emma Watson, Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens hit theaters…

Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out Film Career With James Corden

Samuel L. Jackson has said the "F" word quite a few times over his lustrous career. I mean, even in this little segment where they only take a few lines from his most popular films, it's flooded with bombs. Don't worry... They're beeped out so it's still safe for work.