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Garth Doesn't Scare Easy

Garth Brooks, coming straight off of his "Entertainer of the Year" CMA Award, stopped by 'Ellen' today and it seems Ellen may have to up her game when it comes to scaring people! Well, at least when it comes to scaring Garth. Just watch. Everyone got a nice laugh.

A Good Baby Bell Laugh Will Certainly Brighten Your Day

My baby girl, Ella Claire, just turned one last week and I must say, there's nothing in the world more sweeter than the sound of a baby's laugh! My mission as the father of two beautiful little girls is to make them laugh as much as possible every day. I think I do it more for…

Ellen Surprises Military Family & It's Beautiful!

What are the kids saying now-a-day's? "I Can't Even"? I think that's it. Well, I literally can't even when it comes to Military surprise videos. I will have tears in my eyes just reading the title of the video! Not to mention the precious daughter of the brave solider, U.S. Army Pvt. David Villegas, looks…