Brenda Matthews


Black or Goth Ice Cream: It's A Thing

Forget the 'unicorns' and the 'rainbow,' dark is in.  Dark is cool. reports that this trend may have started in LA at the Little Damage Ice Cream Shop.  It depends on who you ask.  but their black concoction is a  "almond-charcoal flavored soft serve ice cream.  It's even served in a black cone!" It's kind…

How You Could Be A 'Fixer Upper' Candidate

First of all, you need to know what #shiplap is - painted black or white - no matter. Next - you have to have a sense of humor about you - especially when Chip is in the (#shiplapped) room. Then, you must love the farmhouse/industrial look, in all of its (#shiplapped) glory. Kidding. Sort of.

Best Public Colleges In The U.S.

M GO BLUE! My home state's best college - and a campus which I've spent a lot of time - is #1!  I'm not surprised.  The University of Michigan, with its crack medical/teaching school and hospital, diverse, beautiful and sprawling campus in the open-minded enclave of Ann Arbor, Michigan, made the top grade this year.

Dale Jr Is Retiring!!!

Whoa - we didn't see this one coming! Per, "Hendrick Motorsports announced in a tweet on Tuesday morning that driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. will retire from the NASCAR Cup Series at the end of the 2017 season." Hendrick will host a news conference this afternoon, and we can expect to hear from both owner…

25 Wealthiest States And Their Exports

Ok, this surprised the heck outta me. Who would think that at least 3 of the top 25 states' largest exports would be - ready for it - airplane parts! True that! Crazy, huh?  Other big exports - and many from 'unexpected' states - include medicines, and something called 'soda ash!'     Our friends…

Hanson's Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary!

So.....hhhmmmmmbop, how old do you feel? Yep. 'MMMBop' first hit radio airwaves in 1997. Now Issac, Taylor and Zac are hitting the road on the "Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary Tour," which kicks off in Germany June first, and wraps up here in the states October 27th in Houston.

The Most Underrated Place In Every State

You'll want to put a few of these on your vacation to-do list - or your bucket list! It will especially work for you if you're outdoorsy.  Many of these places are not even in our National Parks, but are in or outside of quieter, smaller cities, they're oft-overlooked 'places' with great charm and beauty.…

How To Help Kids Read This Summer:

This is a fact, per "Children who can’t read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. More than 60,000 underserved kids in the Charlotte area are at risk of falling behind." continues: "Kristina Cruise, Executive Director for Promising Pages, says "Right now in CMS we have 60 percent…

Find Free And Cheap Food This Tax Week:

Our favorite listers, the folks at, have put together a list of freebies to make today, the most painful day of the year for some of us, a little less, well, painful: Many of the free deals happen to be out-of-state chains, but we have found a few: Cinnabon is offering "not one but…