Brenda Matthews


See The Animated Version Of How U2 Got Together

Short version:     Back in 1976, teen students at Dublin's Mount Temple School with "very little musical knowledge, but endless ambition," (per get together in one of their parent's kitchen and take the long road to becoming one of the most well-respected bands in the world.

The Most Iconic Restaurants In Each State

BBQ, seafood, steakhouses - they all have their places in American gastro-history, and hearts and stomachs. Which restaurants 'made the cut,' and are listed as the 'most iconic,' by those epic listers,

The Hottest Nail Color Right Now:

Take a moment.  Leave the healthcare debate, the divisive political temperature and global warming aside for a minute. Let's be a little shallow, and talk about the hottest nail colors and trends for summer 2017.

A Sexy Abe Lincoln Statue?

Whaaa?  Really? Ole' Abe - sexy? Most of the pictures we've seen of our revered 16th President show him haggard and drawn, from dealing with a country divided and a less-than-peaceful personal life. Many of us have never seen pics of a younger Abe. Before law school, before the Presidency.  Now, the visitors at Chicago's Senn Park…

Join In The Plaza Midwood Art Ride Sunday

You can "get the full experience of a guided museum tour without leaving Plaza Midwood..."  that from! How fun!  It's a group bike ride with stops at "each of the 11 Inside Out Charlotte art installations" in Plaza Midwood on Sunday starting at 1pm at Midwood Park.

Bruce Springsteen To Play Broadway!

Yea...this fall! Since he's not the type to do a Vegas residency, he's taking the 'show' to Broadway!  It's true! Bruce will make "...his Broadway debut at the Walter Kerr Theatre for an eight-week run in the fall..." per the NYPost.

Michael Phelps To Race A Shark!?

Olympic legend Michael Phelps will race a great white shark as part of Shark Week on July 23: Whaaaa???? Per, "....great whites (sharks) cruise the ocean at approximately 5 mph, but can reach north of 25 mph if they're in attack-mode.Their swimming speed is 10 times faster than the typical human swimmer..."  

'The Talk' Is Losing One Of Their Own:

And, no, it's not Sharon's Aisha Tyler will be leaving The Talk at the end of its current (7th) season. She made the teary announcement on-air during Thursday's show, explaining her reasoning. Quite simply - she's a busy lady.  She could be the female version of Ryan Seacrest!