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Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer

1 week ago

Adorable Special Needs Pups Join Puppy Bowl XIII Line Up

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Amy Cooper // Staff Writer

4 weeks ago

Proof You Can Overcome Anything, Courtesy Of A Cat

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4 months ago

Rude Catfish Falls From Sky, Lands On Pennsylvania Woman’s Face

A Pennsylvania woman was left dumbfounded when a … Read More

Brenda Matthews

5 months ago

Viral Video: Eagle Tries To Pick Up A Goat!

Our American symbol sets some lofty goals! Mother … Read More

the Guardian

5 months ago

Fisherman Hands In Giant Pearl He Kept Under His Bed For A Decade

A fisherman in the Philippines has kept what … Read More


6 months ago

An Eagle Tried To Fly Away With a Kid In Its Claws

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the Guardian

7 months ago

‘Don’t Shoot’: Pet Parrot’s Words May Be Used In Michigan Murder Trial

A Michigan prosecutor is considering whether the words … Read More

Teen Vogue

7 months ago

Disney Might Be Sued For Millions After An Alligator Killed A Toddler

On Tuesday, a two-year-old boy who was wading … Read More


9 months ago

“Paw-ternity Leave” Is Now A Thing That Exists For Pet Owners

If you have a pet, then you know … Read More

Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

10 months ago

8 Things That Happen When You’re A True Animal Lover

Being an animal lover is amazing. Not only … Read More