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Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer

1 week ago

Adorable Special Needs Pups Join Puppy Bowl XIII Line Up

The fluffiest and, dare we say, best sporting … Read More

Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

1 week ago

Spoil Your Pet, Grab One Of These Items

Your pet is a furry family member. They’re … Read More

Brenda Matthews

2 weeks ago

Mecklenburg County Banning Dogs From Brewery Tap Rooms

Yup – they’re everywhere.  Micro-breweries – and dogs. … Read More

Good Housekeeping

4 months ago

Vets Are Warning People Not To Buy “Flat-Faced” Dogs

Pugs, shih tzus, bulldogs, and French bulldogs are … Read More

Phil Harris

4 months ago

Halloween Is Going To The Dogs (And Cats)

If the surveys are accurate, we’re going to … Read More

Brenda Matthews

6 months ago

Find A Great Pet Saturday!

If you’ve been waiting to find that purrfect … Read More

NY Times

7 months ago

Here She Is! Meet The Ugliest Dog In the World

In the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, where there … Read More

Brenda Matthews

7 months ago

Pups Lead Your Peeps To The SouthEnd Saturday!

Celebrate the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ with your … Read More

Country Living

9 months ago

Your Dog Hates Hugs, Experts Say

According to Dr. Coren, when dogs feel threatened, … Read More

Brenda Matthews

10 months ago

Most Popular Dog Names For 2015:

Our Aussie, Meka, died in November.  She came to … Read More