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Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

1 month ago

Turns Out Ryan Gosling Isn’t Perfect After All

It’s a known fact that everyone’s boyfriend Ryan … Read More

Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer

2 months ago

Emma Stone’s Awkward Hug Moment Is SUPER Relatable

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Amy Cooper // Staff Writer

3 months ago

Emma Stone Tries Reading Jimmy Fallon’s Lips, Fails Miserably

The Whisper Challenge is not for everyone. Jimmy … Read More

Amy Cooper // Staff Writer

3 months ago

Critics’ Choice Award Nominees Are Here – Did Your Fav Make The List?

Ah, award season. We can smell it. Here … Read More

CeAndria Jones // Staff Writer

8 months ago

Emma Stone & Maya Rudolph Perform Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” With Tubs Of Butter

Remember Robyn’s 2011 hit single, “Call Your Girlfriend” … Read More

Entertain This!

2 years ago

The 5 Best ‘Lip Sync Battles’

Lip Sync Battle started Wednesday night on Spike TV … Read More

Washington Post

2 years ago

Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith Have A ‘Geez, Mom!’ Red Carpet Moment

Why would it be weird to see your … Read More