This Year's Tournament Is A Tale Of Two Carolinas

For the first time in NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Tournament history, both the North Carolina Tar Heels and South Carolina Gamecocks are in the Final Four together. The Heels are a well-known entity this deep in the tourney, but the Gamecocks are in unfamiliar territory, making their first semifinal appearance. This year's Final Four…

Tim Tebow Fielding His Dream In The Carolinas

There was a time when we felt certain the name Tim Tebow would be a part of the NFL narrative for years to come. That didn't happen. Tebow and his stellar collegiate football career never made a sustainable transition into the pro game. Instead, tales of his good deeds and well-earned reputation as "a fine…

'Black Violin' Is Redefining Classical Music

My 13-year-old son has been learning to play the violin and double bass over the past couple of years. Like any kid studying classical music, he gets frustrated and bored with it from time to time. I was the same way with piano lessons. My son even talks of quitting, but I don’t want him…

Top 10 Stores In The USA

The hits just keep on coming for department stores. Not long after Macy's closed its Carolina Place location as part of a significant reduction in stores, JCPenney has announced that it will be shutting down 138 of its locations, including six in North Carolina.

Top 10 North Carolina Tourist Attractions

Spring break is just a few weeks away! What are you and your family going to do? If the lure of the open road is beckoning, but your bank account is pumping the brakes, you might want to stick closer to home for your next vacation.

Queens University Hosting 'Royal Pow Wow'

Many Americans can claim some percentage of Native American ancestry. I cannot. My family is as European as they come. But regardless of the fact that I have no known genetic link to Native Americans, I have long been fascinated by their history and culture.