Restaurant Puts Dog To Work

We couldn't do what we do at K104.7 without the support of our valued sponsors and producing commercials for them is a big part of my role here. Fortunately, no one has come up with a way to completely automate the creation of advertising. However, there may be a new threat to my job security:…

Popular Chain Restaurant Conspiracy Theory Is Super Bizarre

These days, it seems there are conspiracy theories about anything and everything. From Katy Perry secretly being Jon Bennet Ramsey to Avril Lavigne's death hoax, there are no shortages for manipulated plots. Recently, the popular chain restaurant Outback Steakhouse has joined the conspiracy theory list.

Could This Really Be KFC's Secret Recipe?

A 67-year-old nephew of KFC founder Colonel Sanders is claiming to have found a finger lickin' good fried chicken recipe in a family scrapbook that belonged to Claudia Sanders, the Colonel's late second wife. Naturally, everybody is wondering if it includes the closely-guarded secret blend of eleven herbs and spices that made Kentucky Fried Chicken…

Take Me Dancing But Don't Take My Taco

As much as I might like to, I don't eat fast food. No, really. At 43, I don't burn calories as easily as I once did so I try to watch what I eat. Well, with one exception. I absolutely cannot pass up a taco. I'm not that picky about where my tacos come from…

Top 10 Restaurant Cities In America

Do you remember how we Charlotteans used to fret over whether or not we were a "world-class city?" We developed this terrible habit of comparing ourselves to bigger burgs like New York, Chicago, and our cosmopolitan cousin down the road, Atlanta.