May 13


10:00 am, Cane Creek Park

V 101.9, Kiss 95.1, K 104.7, and The New 103.7 are teaming up to give kids in the Charlotte area an opportunity to enjoy a FREE DAY of family fun at beautiful Cane Creek Park....KIDS FEST! Saturday, May 13th at Cane Creek Park 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM This will be a great Mother’s Day gift for…

Take Me Dancing But Don't Take My Taco

As much as I might like to, I don't eat fast food. No, really. At 43, I don't burn calories as easily as I once did so I try to watch what I eat. Well, with one exception. I absolutely cannot pass up a taco. I'm not that picky about where my tacos come from…

Top 10 Restaurant Cities In America

Do you remember how we Charlotteans used to fret over whether or not we were a "world-class city?" We developed this terrible habit of comparing ourselves to bigger burgs like New York, Chicago, and our cosmopolitan cousin down the road, Atlanta.