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10 Worst States For Singles

Happy Valentine's Day! Or not. Along with everything else that people are protesting these days, the "anti-Valentine's Day" movement has really picked up steam over the past few years.

You can even buy anti-Valentine's Day cards for anyone who shares your loathing for the annual love-fest.

According to personal-finance website WalletHub, over 45% of American adults are single and where you live can seriously affect your prospects of finding a significant other. Their number crunchers compared all fifty states and the District of Columbia based on twenty-three criteria, including “share of single adults,” “movie costs," and “nightlife options per capita,” to come up with 2017's Best & Worst States for Singles. The bad news is you might be living in one of the worst states for singles:

10. Maryland

9. Tennessee

8. South Carolina

7. New Mexico

6. Kentucky

5. Alaska

4. West Virginia

3. Arkansas

2. Alabama

1. Mississippi