Brenda’s New Puppy!

I took a 'Paw-ternity' day yesterday - because - finally - Finn is here!

And he so incredibly cute!

We picked up Finnian Quincy II Vom Dornenberg, Sunday at noon - and fell in love with the little guy right away!

A new puppy - what's not to love?  

My hubby and I lost our Aussie, Meka 16 months ago. 13 months ago, we put a deposit down on a German Wirehaired Pointer puppy from a breeder close by.  All 3 of my previous dogs were rescues - a Greyhound, a Border Collie, and Meka the

This 6.4 lb. bundle of wiggle, puppy smells, and  puppy- needle-teeth seems pretty fearless.  He's already tackled going up and down stairs, and has made fast-friends with my 'grand-dog' Rocket, who's a Pitt Bull/Bulldog. 'Finn' is also attempting to nurse on Rocket - who's clearly a boy dog, too!

Since Finn's a 'bird dog,' he's already working on that 'howl' thing, too!  We're also waiting to see that 'point!'

Thanks to friends and fellow dog-owners my Facebook posts have been met with tons of suggestions - like covering up his puppy crate at night so he feels more secure, and to put a stuffed animal or a ticking alarm clock with him at night so it reminds him of his mom's heartbeat.

If you have any suggestions yourself, feel free to comment here, or send me a note at [email protected] !