Brenda Matthews

10 Places To Visit With Your Pup In Charlotte

As an owner of a new puppy (that's our Finnian, above), my hubby and I would love to start taking him out among other dogs - and people - once he's a little more well-behaved - AKA NOT biting everything he sees, and potty-trained, that is.

Keen Dog Training has put together and fun and comprehensive list of 10 best places to take-your-dog-with in the Queen City.

They range from our microbrews, outdoor spaces - and even Charlotte's largest antique mall!

Just  a few on the list:

  • The U.S National Whitewater Center: where activities abound!  Explore the many hiking trails, paddle board with your dog - yes! - and enjoy food, drinks and take in the live concerts still to come on Thursday and Saturday nights, not to mention other special events.  Yes, your dog must be leashed at all times.


Franck Prevel/Getty Images


  •  Wooden Robot Brewery: Your dog can visit both inside and on the outside patio!  Yay! The 'Robot' also has food service "from Twisted Eats that you can order right inside the brewery" - and that means vegan and non-vegan! Also, 'Cassie' is your canine greater, as she belongs to owner/brewer/mastermind Dan Wade and Lauren Goode.


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  • Sleepy Poet Antique Mall
: Yay!  55,000 square feet of uniques antiques to explore with your pooch! Now, 'Sleepy' has two locations to poke around in - in Charlotte and the newest in downtown Gastonia!