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Local Foodies Guide To The Best Cheap Eats In CLT:

So, you need to grab some grub with friends, but you only have, say, $10 to spend.

No problem, here in the QC!

StyleBluePrint.com asked local foodies - chefs, the owner of a food tour company, few restaurant owners and food bloggers, for their suggestions on good cheap eats - and not necessarily at restaurants/grills that they're tied to!


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The results vary widely - and should satisfy your palate and your wallet!

They range from:

  • The Margarita flatbread with marinara, fresh mozzarella and sweet basil at the Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop in the South End - where they also show movies every Friday night!  $7.00.
  • The Char Heel Dog (get it???)  House-made chili, slaw, diced onions, yellow mustard, plus a side of Borracho Nachos— house chips, borracho beans, queso, fire-grilled salsa, pickled jalepeños - at at  JJ’s Red Hots in Dilworth. About $8.
  • The Dominic on a Diet — Full braised chicken machaca served with sautéed cabbage and salsa wrapped in a wheat wrap - at the Sabor Latin Street Grill - with 5 Charlotte locations. $7-8.00.