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Traveling The Great American Sandwich Trail

My family and I have been talking about where we'd like to go for our summer vacation. The conversation began in the kitchen as I was making myself a turkey sub. That's when travel and food converged and conceived my latest fantasy road trip: The Great American Sandwich Trail. Imagine eating some of our nation's most iconic and delicious sandwiches in the places where they originated. Brilliant, right?

Researching the itinerary for this coast-to-coast culinary crossing led to a couple of surprises. For example, the French Dip didn't come from France? It was invented in Los Angeles. Mon Dieu! And the classic New York Reuben was actually born in Omaha, Nebraska. This raises another question: Where do you find these sandwiches once you arrive in a particular city or state? In some cases there's really only one place to go for the real thing, like the Brown Hotel in Louisville for the original Hot Brown. Click on the name of each sandwich below for more answers:

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Maine: Lobster Roll

Boston: Italian Sub/Grinder/Spuckie

Buffalo: Beef on Weck

New York City: Pastrami/Corned Beef on Rye

New Jersey: Pork Roll/Taylor Ham

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Philadelphia: Cheesesteak, Roast Pork

Pittsburgh: Anything at Primanti Bros. (Fries & slaw on sandwich!)

Baltimore: Pit Beef

North Carolina: Pulled Pork

Florida: Cuban/Medianoche Sandwich

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New Orleans: Muffuletta, Po' Boy

Louisville: Hot Brown

Indiana: Pork Tenderloin

Chicago: Italian Beef

Minneapolis-Saint Paul: Juicy Lucy, Walleye Sandwich

Iowa: Loose Meat

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Omaha: Reuben

Texas: Brisket Sandwich

Los Angeles: French Dip