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Best Beer Bar In Every State - Surprises?

North Carolina's loaded with em - not to mention the QC!

Breweries and beer bars that is. It seems like there's one every few blocks here in Charlotte!  And especially here in the burgeoning South End, which is becoming the epicentre of craft brewers in the Queen City.

But, alas, 'Brew Pubs' are not necessarily what we're going for here. defines 'Beer Bar' as  "(one that) obsesses over beer and caters to those who do the same. It cares about stuff like clean lines and proper glassware. It generally has a bunch of interesting beers on tap, but doesn't cheapen quality in a chase for sheer quantity."



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Proper glassware? Ok, I think the venerable Thirsty Beaver is now out of the running.

So, just where did the honor go of 'Best Beer Bar in North Carolina?'


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HINT:  You've probably been there - that is, if you've traveled a short distance.

South Carolinians - yup - once again, you have to head to Charleston to experience yours.