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How To Help Kids Read This Summer:

This is a fact, per "Children who can’t read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. More than 60,000 underserved kids in the Charlotte area are at risk of falling behind." continues: "Kristina Cruise, Executive Director for Promising Pages, says "Right now in CMS we have 60 percent of third graders who cannot read at an average grade level and that is highly correlative to high school dropout rates."

Do we want our kids, then, to ever open a book while on their spring or summer break and, therefore, end up losing up to three months of reading progress?

Of course we don't!


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Here's how you can help this spring and summer:

Help out Promising Pages - the non-profit that's trying to get kids to read especially during the summer break. Their 'initiative, called 'Books on Break' is asking for your help.

Their goal is to collect 80,000 books by mid-May to provide free pop-up book fairs at targeted CMS schools where pre-k to third grade students get to choose five books to take home and keep.

This is exactly  where and how you can help.


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Donate books - used (and in good shape), are also accepted.

Why not gather those old story books that your child has outgrown and help another child read them back or read them with a loved one?

Donate books by just dropping them off at the bin located at 4112 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte, NC 28217.  You can also call 704-399-1934, or by emailing at [email protected]