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The Most Underrated Place In Every State

You'll want to put a few of these on your vacation to-do list - or your bucket list!

It will especially work for you if you're outdoorsy.  Many of these places are not even in our National Parks, but are in or outside of quieter, smaller cities, they're oft-overlooked 'places' with great charm and beauty.

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For example, Massachusetts's 'Most Underrated' isn't even in historic Boston or up on the Cape.

No, the Grand Canyon didn't make the cut, either! 

What did?

  • The oldest city in the nation - St. Augustine, FL. 
  • The Indianapolis Zoo.
  • Covington, Kentucky - wha???
  • Point Pleasant, New Jersey - it's not the 'Jersey Shore' as you 'know' it.
  • The Santa Rosa Blue Hole in New Mexico - an 81 ft deep sapphire lake



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Which locations will you hit up this year???