Between The Notes: Getting To Know Ocean Park Standoff

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity, but Ocean Park Standoff is aiming to provide the antidote to whatever darkness you’re facing.

The alt-pop trio features renowned DJ Samantha Ronson, Ethan Thompson and Pete Nappi, who like to get very eclectic with their sound by combining hip-hop beats with rock-style lyrics. For good measure, they also like to flirt with using various synth equipment thanks to Ronson and her vast collection of gear.

Their organic chemistry has led to having no traditional band leader. Instead, Ocean Park Standoff like to see where each day and songwriting session takes them. This laidback approach clearly influences their sound and allows each writer to really dig deep lyrically, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles to overcome, according to Thompson:

“One of the most frustrating things being a writer in the pop industry was if you ever mentioned soul, anything about ‘I’m on my knees praying,’ anything like that, they’d be like, ‘Oh! It’s Christian music. You can’t write this in pop music.’ And it’s very frustrating. I can write about hooking up with girls, demoralizing women…I can write about popping bottles and getting drunk with my friends, but I can’t write what’s going on in my heart and soul because people don’t accept that in the pop world.”

In spite of those obstacles, Ocean Park Standoff remain strong in their commitment to positivity. Ronson says:

“We mainly just want to leave people feeling hopeful because I think in order to move forward when times are tough, you need hope to inspire you to keep going…We want to leave people feeling a little bit better than they were before they pressed play.”

Ocean Park Standoff’s self-titled EP is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music. The trio has a number of show dates scheduled throughout June. A complete list of tour dates and additional band info can be found at their official website,
Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter. The first man she ever loved was Jack Daniel. (True story.)