Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Top 10 Creative Racehorse Names

The 143rd "Run for the Roses" is this Saturday at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. Some of the thoroughbreds entered in this year's Kentucky Derby have been given interesting monikers, as is the longstanding tradition with naming horses, but none of them is all that outrageous. In the past, there have been some true head scratchers. Here's a few of them:

10. The Winter King (That could also be a "Game of Thrones" book.)

9. Whykickamoocow (Why indeed?)

8. Doremifasollatido (Owned by the Von Trapp family?)

7. Haha Haha (Ha!)

6. Atswhatimtalknbout (Surely there must also be a horse named Fuhgeddaboutit.)

5. Red Hot Filly Pepper (Hopefully she doesn't have a Flea.)

4. Sotally Tober (The jockey should be!)

3. Hoof-Hearted (Looks like "half-hearted" but say it three times fast.)

2. Sorry About That (Racetrack announcers must have hated saying this name.)

1. Arrrrr (On the other hand, the announcer loved this one!)