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Why There Weren't Women Jockeys At The Derby:

My hubby spotted this fact on Saturday evening.  I was impressed, though the jockeys in the 'Triple Crown' races have mostly been male.

CNN.com reports,  that no women rode "in Saturday's Kentucky Derby. That isn't unusual. Old race result charts (which are like box scores) show that since 1970, when Diane Crump became the first woman to start the Derby, only five other women have passed through the starting gate -- alongside 301 men. Since 2004, only one woman, Rosie Napravnik, has started any Triple Crown race -- and Napravnik retired three years ago."


Jockey Sam Spratt - Martin Hunter/Getty Images


But, why?

Experts say that recreational riding is much more popular among women than men. Plus - professional jockeys need to maintain weights that are much more typical for women than for men. And, women are known to have  better bone density than men. You would think that having a woman ride your horse would be a win-win.

So, again, CNN begs to ask, "how is it possible that male jockeys outnumber female jockeys by 7 to 1 -- by 50 to 1 in top races?"

It's simply gender discrimination.

Back in 1968, Kathy Kusner, who was an Olympic equestrian -  had to sue the Maryland Racing Commission to get a jockey's license.

There were boycotts by male jockeys who wouldn't ride at Churchill Downs and other popular racetracks.

Here, in 2017, the trend and struggle continues.