courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Beech Mtn's Limited Opening Of 'Land of Oz'

If you were a child, maybe you thought Oz was in the mountains here in North Carolina.

Specifically, if your folks took you to visit Beech Mountain’s historic Land of Oz Park!


Courtesy of Land of Oz


The park officially opened in June of 1970. reports, "Debbie Reynolds cut the opening-day ribbon as young daughter Carrie Fisher stood by her side. The park would literally become an overnight success...and would also make the covers of Southern Living, Holiday Inn, and Friends Magazines. In its first season, over 400,000 people followed the yellow brick road including such celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Anita Bryant, Jay North, and Charles Kuralt. 


Though the park is open for special occasions, weddings, private picnics, etc.,  owners have announced that  it will reopen for five days over the summer.

Here's the deal:

  • Catch one of 6 tours of the park each Friday in conjunction with 'Beech Mountain’s Family Fun Month.'
  • Visitors enter the park via Ski Beech’s chairlift - how fun!



Courtesy of Land of Oz


Get reunited with Dorothy and the gang and follow that yellow brick road yourself - relive your childhood (minus the flying monkeys - hate them!) or make some new memories with your kids - or grandkids!