Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Watch: Adele Gets Bit On Stage!

What?  Adele wearing 'Beetle Boots?'  Well, sort of.

While literally performing on stage in Auckland, New Zealand, one night in March, Adele was 'assaulted!'

Per,  "Adele collapses onto the floor and rolls around grabbing at her shoe. The audience is in awe and breaks out into laughter, but they don’t seem too sure about what is going on with (her).

She screams into the microphone as she sits up on the stage: “I felt something!” She then rips her shoe off her foot and tosses it as she smacks her ankle."



Somehow, a biting beetle that somehow made its way into her shoe. The crowd goes wild as Adele places her forehead to the ground and continues to shoo the bug away from her.


Then - the bug returns!