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Free Ice Cream On Jet Blue Flights?

Finally, some good news about the airline industry.

Forget the peanuts and pretzels - Jet Blue has 'artisinal' ice cream!

That is if you "fly the airline’s version of business class," Per  If so, you'll "be treated to a locally curated ice cream program that features five brands and a rotating selection of flavors."

It gets better!  Depending on which airport you fly out of, you’ll get to try a different brand of from a local ice-cream maker located in that area:



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Delicious Examples?

If you're leaving from LA, Coolhaus is your local maker. Expect flavors like  "dirty mint ice cream and strawberry mojito sorbet."

Leaving from the east coast? Fly out of New York's JFK and enjoy selections of Blue Marble Ice Cream - including their blueberry ice cream and blood orange sorbet.