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Top 10 Reasons Parents Love Summer Break Too

Another school year is almost at an end. I'm never quite sure who's more excited at the prospect of three-plus months away from the halls of academia, the students or the teachers. We may feel differently by mid-July, but most parents are just as excited that summer break is upon us too. Here are ten reasons why:

10. No early morning bathroom traffic

9. Less laundry because the kids live in their swimsuits

8. No assembly line lunch packing or constantly refilling the PayPAMS account

7. Kids having fun and still learning new things at camp

6. No predawn bus pick-up or carpool coordination

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5. More time for family to connect during the week

4. No PTO meetings or parent-teacher conferences

3. Everyone seems more rested even with later bedtimes

2. No homework/test/report card-related stress

1. Summer break probably means you're going on a vacation!

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