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Though a few years younger than his superstar sis, there’s something about the wide-spaced blue eyes. You can tell they’re sibs.

Vanity Fair recently interviewed Austin, now 25, calling him “sinewy and with an Old Hollywood sheen about him.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Though more low-key than his big sis —he’s been busy building quite an acting resume, having appeared in Ben Affleck’s crime drama Live by Night, and also co-stars in Todd Berger’s Cover Versions, which will be out later this year.

Austin, a “gentle, brainy” all round nice-buy, talks about his sis “with the admiration and brightness of a classic younger sibling, describing his own journey as more meandering by comparison: “She (Taylor) found singing, and I knew from very early on that that was her direction. She was never going to quit; that was her thing, that was her life . . . and I was always a little bit, you know, doing this, doing that.”

What did he learn from her? “You just respect everyone’s time, everyone that you’re working with. They’re all there, it’s all their lives, and you need to put the work in to be worth that.”

True that.