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The year was 1991 and The Simpsons had just kicked off its third season on Fox with an episode entitled “Stark Raving Dad.” It featured Homer Simpson accidentally landing in a mental hospital where he shares a room with another heavyset, balding white man who says he’s Michael Jackson. He doesn’t look like Michael, but he definitely sings and dances like him.

The backstory on this episode is that the real Michael Jackson was a big fan of The Simpsons and wanted to be on the show but, instead of just a cameo appearance, the writers wanted to come up with a more creative way of including him. Mission accomplished.

The highlight of that season premiere was Michael Jackson and Bart Simpson collaborating on an original song to cheer up Bart’s sister, Lisa, who was depressed about her upcoming eighth birthday. But in the end, she was a very happy little girl after being serenaded by her brother and the King of Pop.