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Our favorite ‘homey’ grocers, Harris Teeter, is bringing back the ‘Teeter’ brand to the SouthEnd, specifically the Sedgefield neighborhood!

Per their press release, Harris Teeter states,

“As we are returning to the exact block where the original South Blvd location stood nearly 30 years ago, we decided to embrace the nostalgia of our 1960’s roots by incorporating one of the company’s original logos on the exterior of the building.”


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How fun!

How will this store differ?  Again, per HT, (this store) “will have many unique features including: an extended hot foods bar in the Fresh Foods department; a wine and beer bar, which features 16 beers on tap; and an events station which will feature weekly meal specials.”

The grand opening for this new store is Tuesday, 6/20, at  5pm.  From 5-8pm you can enjoy ‘A Taste of Teeter,‘ with complimentary in-store samplings.


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The address for GPS is 2717 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC. 

See ya there!