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Some of us are content with DQ or Cold Stone Creamery.  Even the folks at Thrillist.com admit that “amazing ice cream can turn up literally anywhere.”

However, being the ‘listers’ that they are, they’ve, again, made out a ‘favorite’s’ list.


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Their criteria? “…there was no simple one-size-fits-all criteria for earning the top spot. We took into account creativity, but not at the expense of taste. We accounted for the (often strident) opinions of friends, colleagues, and ice cream fans spread all over the country. And size did matter — while small regional chains weren’t expressly verboten, we tended to favor the little guy.”

So there you have it.


David Paul Morris/Getty Images


Did a Charlotte area creamery make the list?  Do Eskimos buy ice cream in Alaska?  How many of these state’s best have been up and running for some 50+ years?

We know the answers, and soon, you will too!