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Which Positions Pay Best In The MLB?

Quite frankly, the money's on the pitcher's mound!

Per The Charlotte Business Journal, "The average pay among that group of top 25 players will be about $24.9 million this year. Nearly half of them – 11 players in all – are starting pitchers slated to earn an average of $26.8 million..."

Next up?  Outfielders. Six are "on tap to earn $22.8 million on average, while five are first basemen at an average pay of $23.6 million."

Who's on the top of the heap?  Well, Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw should out-earn all MLB players with "a total pay package valued at $35.6 million, according to Spotrac."


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Not too far behind Clayton, is Cubbies outfielder Jason Heyward, who's scheduled payout of $28.2 million, the highest-paid position player.