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Quite frankly, the money’s on the pitcher’s mound!

Per The Charlotte Business Journal, “The average pay among that group of top 25 players will be about $24.9 million this year. Nearly half of them – 11 players in all – are starting pitchers slated to earn an average of $26.8 million…”

Next up?  Outfielders. Six are “on tap to earn $22.8 million on average, while five are first basemen at an average pay of $23.6 million.”

Who’s on the top of the heap?  Well, Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw should out-earn all MLB players with “a total pay package valued at $35.6 million, according to Spotrac.”


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Not too far behind Clayton, is Cubbies outfielder Jason Heyward, who’s scheduled payout of $28.2 million, the highest-paid position player.